Kelders gemeentehuis Zedelgem onder water : groene gordel als blauw veiligheidsthema


Blauwe Gordel Front kiest voor open ruimte voor water, natuur, mens & dier  : meer blauw in de velden van Loppem, Oostkamp, St. Michiels, Torhout & Ommeland !
BGF kiest voor blauwe gordel van waterveiligheid toen.
En nu ook ! Op het radio 2 middagnieuws was de burgemeester van Zedelgem aan het woord. Mie Vandekerckhove van de Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij meldde dat voor de Kerkebeek en de Rivierbeek in Loppem-Oostkamp-St. Michiels er nog gevaar was; maar alleen voor de om-liggende weides. Wat als daar een shopping-hoofdkwartieren-voetbalzone komt ?
GGF - on line community  biedt kans meningen te geven. Zij is echter geen boos noodlot zoals het vernielen van waterbuffergebieden. Meer behoud 'blauw' in de velden blauwe planeet nu !!
toemaatje Van: "Live Earth" <>
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Inspired By Live Earth
This week here at Live Earth we got an email from Meghan L. in
Cardiff by the Sea, CA. Below you'll find some of what she is doing
personally to solve the climate crisis. Meghan's ideas exemplify
the kinds of change that we want to inspire in everyone who
participated in Live Earth. What have you done because you were
inspired by Live Earth? Send us your stories and ideas to -
we'll post the best of your ideas and suggestions on our
"Going Green" - blog - you can read Meghan's whole email there:
Thanks for everything you're doing to help solve the climate crisis
- tell everyone your best tip!
Here are just a few of Meghan's tips:
- Buy more local food. Go to the farmers' market at least 2
- Using cloth napkins more. I have a big stack sitting in a drawer.
I'm bringing them out to use.
- Use the dryer less. I recently washed several rugs. Instead of
drying them, I hung them outside.
- Use less plastic bags.  I bring my own reusable bags to grocery
store.  I bought 4 of the 99 cent bags at Trader Joe's and I'm
keeping them in my car. They are great.
- Try to reduce packaging. Buy more bulk stuff, bring own bags.
- Buy less stuff, reduce amounts of "junk" plastic toys,
especially battery operated toys.
- Minimize use of batteries, use rechargeable batteries.
- Unplug stuff we're not using.
Read Meghan's entire posting:
Live Earth Podcasts!
These podcasts are a joint series between Live Earth and the
Alliance for Climate Protection. Each episode provides information
and resources to help individuals make real, meaningful, and
measurable changes to their life to help address the climate crisis.
Have a listen here:
The podcasts are hosted by Simran Sethi - listen and
learn more about how you can make simple changes in your daily life
and find out more about what Live Earth did to make sure the
concerts and our operations were "green." 
Listen to the first two episodes HERE:
and check back soon for more!
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Climate Crisis Solution #39: Plant A Tree 
A single tree can absorb more than one ton of CO2 over its lifetime.
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